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HAIZHEN Ladies Girls Booties Women's Flats Light Soles PU Fall Casual Office & Career Dress Flat Heel Black 3.5cm For 18-40 Years Old DYRptQQm HAIZHEN Ladies Girls Booties Women's Flats Light Soles PU Fall Casual Office & Career Dress Flat Heel Black 3.5cm For 18-40 Years Old DYRptQQm HAIZHEN Ladies Girls Booties Women's Flats Light Soles PU Fall Casual Office & Career Dress Flat Heel Black 3.5cm For 18-40 Years Old DYRptQQm HAIZHEN Ladies Girls Booties Women's Flats Light Soles PU Fall Casual Office & Career Dress Flat Heel Black 3.5cm For 18-40 Years Old DYRptQQm HAIZHEN Ladies Girls Booties Women's Flats Light Soles PU Fall Casual Office & Career Dress Flat Heel Black 3.5cm For 18-40 Years Old DYRptQQm

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Hi everyone, It is about more than 1 month that I haven’t post anything cause I was working on a backbone project and during this time I’ve learned some new tricks which you need to know them if you really want to write a real application.

First important thing is managing your childViews in parentView.

There is couple of tricks that you can use for example render child view and then append it element to parent view’s element :

or even use setElement method :

Problem :

But sometimes for you parent view you first need you model to be fetched and then render it and also maybe each of your child views need to wait for their model/collection to be fetched and then render their information in DOM.

So then we can’t use our and append it to DOM in this kind of situations.

Also you may have some route filtering functions in you router or maybe and showView function which remove the currentView form DOM and loads the new view for you( i’m going to talk about this in future posts) so you need one way for rendering all your views that should work for both views that need to wait for model to be fetched to render and the views that just need to render their simple template in to DOM.

Solution :

The simple solution that I learned form Grunland Women’s Anin Beach and Pool Shoes Smoked Pearl Argentoargento RdptO4
and i’m going to expand it a little bit is that we append everywhere in our DOM or in our parent view’s . Then anywhere inside out code we just need render the view to place it information into DOM.So inside the view we listen for model/collection to be fetched and when it happened it immediately render the view. Also should noted that using setElement ( ) for child views do something very similar to what we are doing here () but you cant assign className and tagName.

And for the views that were work fine with now you have to insert in their method. There are couple of ways for taking care of this views, for example returning the view in showView function and then something like this but putting rendering it in initialize is better I think.

At end something like this can be our showView function in our router:

That’s it. Hope it would be helpful.

See ya !!!

Posted by Danial Khosravi Backbone

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Blog Repository

Sentiment analysis app that runs on web using TensorFlowJS and React and on IOS using CoreML and React Native

Source code of my blog post at: http://danialk.github.io/blog/2016/01/15/sudoku-written-using-es6-react-redux/

Although JavaScript has C style syntax, it does not enforce the use of semicolons in the source code, so it is possible to omit them.

JavaScript is not a semicolon-less language. In fact, it needs the semicolons in order to understand the source code. Therefore, the JavaScript parser automatically inserts them whenever it encounters a parse error due to a missing semicolon.

Insertion happens, and the parser tries again.

The automatic insertion of semicolon is considered to be one of biggest design flaws in the language because it change the behavior of code.

How it Works

The code below has no semicolons in it, so it is up to the parser to decide where to insert them.

Below is the result of the parser's "guessing" game.

The parser drastically changed the behavior of the code above. In certain cases, it does the wrong thing .

Leading Parenthesis

In case of a leading parenthesis, the parser will not insert a semicolon.

This code gets transformed into one line.

Chances are very high that does not return a function; therefore, the above will yield a stating that .

In Conclusion

It is highly recommended to never omit semicolons. It is also recommended that braces be kept on the same line as their corresponding statements and to never omit them for single-line / statements. These measures will not only improve the consistency of the code, but they will also prevent the JavaScript parser from changing code behavior.

Note: The JavaScript parser does not "correctly" handle return statements that are followed by a new line. While this is not necessarily the fault of the automatic semicolon insertion, it can still be an unwanted side-effect.

In short, it's to delete global variables, functions and some other stuff in JavaScript which have a attribute set.

Global code and Function code

When a variable or a function is defined in a global or a function scope it is a property of either the Activation object or the Global object. Such properties have a set of attributes, one of which is . Variable and function declarations in global and function code always create properties with , and therefore cannot be deleted.

Explicit properties

Explicitly set properties can be deleted normally.

In the example above, and can be deleted because they have no attribute. That's why the example below works too.

Here we use a trick to delete . Roch Valley Evie 12 Heel Ballroom/Social/Party Shoe One Colour obWtrjSIQ
here refers to the Global object and we explicitly declare variable as its property which allows us to delete it.

IE (at least 6-8) has some bugs, so the code above doesn't work.

Function arguments and built-ins

Functions' normal arguments, objects and built-in properties also have set.

Host objects

The behaviour of operator can be unpredictable for hosted objects. Due to the specification, host objects are allowed to implement any kind of behavior.

In conclusion

The operator often has unexpected behaviour and can only be safely used to delete explicitly set properties on normal objects.

Since JavaScript is asynchronous, it is possible to schedule the execution of a function using the and functions.

When is called, it returns the ID of the timeout and schedule to run approximately one thousand milliseconds in the future. will then be executed once .

Depending on the timer resolution of the JavaScript engine running the code, as well as the fact that JavaScript is single threaded and other code that gets executed might block the thread, it is by no means a safe bet that one will get the exact delay specified in the call.

The function that was passed as the first parameter will get called by the , which means that inside the called function refers to the global object.

Stacking Calls with

While only runs the function once, - as the name suggests - will execute the function every milliseconds, but its use is discouraged.

When code that is being executed blocks the timeout call, will still issue more calls to the specified function. This can, especially with small intervals, result in function calls stacking up.

In the above code, will get called once and will then block for one second.

While blocks the code, will still schedule further calls to it. Now, when has finished, there will already be ten further calls to it waiting for execution.

Dealing with Possible Blocking Code

The easiest solution, as well as most controllable solution, is to use within the function itself.

Not only does this encapsulate the call, but it also prevents the stacking of calls and gives additional control. itself can now decide whether it wants to run again or not.

Manually Clearing Timeouts

Clearing timeouts and intervals works by passing the respective ID to or , depending on which function was used in the first place.

Clearing All Timeouts

As there is no built-in method for clearing all timeouts and/or intervals, it is necessary to use brute force in order to achieve this functionality.

But there might still be timeouts that are unaffected by this arbitrary number. Another way of doing this is to consider that the ID given to a timeout is incremented by one every time you call .

Even though this works on all major browsers today, it isn't specified that the IDs should be ordered that way and it may change. Therefore, it is instead recommended to keep track of all the timeout IDs, so they can be cleared specifically.

Hidden Use of

and can also take a string as their first parameter. This feature should never be used because it internally makes use of .

Since is not getting called Lowa Renegade GTX Mid Mens Climbing Shoes Schiefer/Oliv KEoOOtRrmk
in this case, the string passed to will be executed in the ; thus, it will not use the local variable from the scope of .

It is further recommended to not use a string to pass arguments to the function that will get called by either of the timeout functions.

In Conclusion

A string should never be used as the parameter of or . It is a clear sign of really bad code, when arguments need to be supplied to the function that gets called. An should be passed that then takes care of the actual call.

Furthermore, the use of should be avoided because its scheduler is not blocked by executing JavaScript.

Note: Timeouts are not part of the ECMAScript standard. They were implemented in BOM, or DOM Level 0 , which are never defined nor documented formally. No recommended specification has been published so far, however, they are currently being standardized by Womens Faux Leather Knee High Long Biker Boots with Buckle PU Low Heel Walking Shoes Brown Xc2qh
. Due to this nature, the implementation may vary from browsers and engines.

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